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Have you been notified by your local municipality that your stormwater facilities must be inspected or are out of compliance? We Can Help! Contact Earth and Road to be your Storm Water Maintenance and Compliance Service.

Environmental Compliance Services

Recent upgrades in environmental compliance laws have created a need for educated and trained professionals to assist the construction, development, municipal and land / property management markets. As our company strives to preserve and protect our natural resources through product development and distribution, we are also advancing our services to fulfill the regulatory needs of our clients. In an effort to keep our clients in compliance with ever changing environmental regulations, Earth and Road Corporation  offers a full line of Storm Water Maintenance, Compliance and Inspection services. As many of you have gone through your first round of Stormwater maintenance inspections you may have been notified that some of your storm water facilities are out of compliance. Let Earth and Road work with you to restore your property to compliant levels and keep your facilities maintained to prevent costly repair bills in the future.

 Our Storm Water Services include:

 Stormwater Facility Inspections

Complete inspection services, filing, and Professional Engineer Stamp


 Stormwater Maintenance Plan Writing and Budget Establishment

This service is offered to any Municipality, property owner or consultant in need of quality stormwater facility maintenance plans and long range budgets.            

Stormwater Facility Component Maintenance Services

Plat Controls

Underground Detention Systems – clean out and inspection

Underground Infiltration Systems – clean out and inspection

Pipes – Blocked pipe inspection and clean out

Rock Trenches - replacement

Proprietary Devices – Clean out and inspection


Vortex Systems



Pervious Pavement Cleaning

Catch Basin Sumps – clean out

Inlet Filters – Clean out, replacement and inspection

Filters – Cleaning, replacement and inspection





Inlet Filter Before Cleaning                               Inlet Filter After Cleaning

Vegetated System Component Services

Bio-retention – vegetation maintenance and inspection



Detention – sediment depth monitoring, vegetation maintenance and inspection


Infiltration – vegetation inspection and maintenance including soil analysis

Swales – vegetation inspection

Rain Gardens – vegetation inspection and sediment monitoring including soil analysis

Ponds – vegetation inspection and sediment monitoring

Plan Development – Development of repair plans for out of compliance structure 

Permitting – Permitting services for necessary repairs of stormwater compliance (NR135, NR216, NR 528, NR 103, 1001, 1002, 1003, NR140)

Funding Resource Searches for Repairs

Vegetation Assessments – Transects, meander surveys, report submittal

Soil Investigations – Soil boring services and soil analysis


 Call us at 608-635-7755 to have Earth and Road review your site and provide you with a custom proposal.


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